Tales from the Evil Podcast
narrated by Dennis Serra

I had the pleasure of having three of my tales appear on Dennis Serra's Evil Podcast. Dennis has taken the site down for the time being, but his brodcasts of my stories are here to enjoy.

"Rough Draft" is a tale about the neighbor from Hell, and how a writer of dark fiction chooses to resolve the conflict. "Tumor" is about a patient with an unusual condition rushed to the emergency room, the staff unaware that they were about to open a portal to Hell. "The Dot" is a tale in the spirit of Rod Serling's Twilight Zone, a tale of a father's undying love for his little girl.

"The Dot", by the way, has been accepted for, and will be included in the 2018 Association of Rhode Island Authors anthology.

He carefully began separating the mass from the brain, precisely incising the base to insure the brain tissue remained untouched. He tipped the tumor back which revealed a number of tentacles at its base, extending into the brain. They were also pulsing, as though drawing brain matter up into the mass itself.


"He cut the last one, noting the thick, yellow fluid oozing through the ends, and set the scalpel down to lift the mass out and place it into the waiting specimen tray. As he lifted it away from the patient, a flap in its center moved, sliding open to reveal a single eye, fixing him with a malevolent stare. He barely had time to register his shock at seeing the eye when his right hand exploded in a bright flare of pain, his yell making the nurses jump. The mass injected a new set of tentacles into his hand which all began pulsing immediately. His arm grew cold, then numb as something started moving upward through his veins. The eye rolled back, revealing its muddy white sclera as the flap slowly closed to cover it. The mass then began pulsing again, as it had on the patient’s brain."